Tips for a Better Lebanese Ka’ik Recipe

Lebanese Easter Ka'ik with glaze on a rack

Tips for baking better Lebanese Ka’ik, a traditional yeasted Easter bread/cookie that is soft, flavorful, and sweet. For the beautiful molds made of solid walnut, and the Mymoune Rose Water, visit I’ve shared with you before some of the confounding aspects of our beloved Lebanese ka’ik. I have asked (and continue to ask): is…

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Date-filled Ka’ik

Date filled molded kaik cookies

There are many versions of Lebanese ka’ik (or ka’ak), some biscuit-like and others bread-like. This spiced, glazed sweet bread version is filled with dates and pressed for a beautiful imprint on top. Find the molds at Maureen Abood Market. As I was noting recently, the scent of what’s cooking in the kitchen has a powerful…

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Ka’ik Biscuit Cookies

Ka'ik Anise Biscuits,

There are many different versions of Lebanese ka’ik. These biscotti-like crunchy Ka’ik Biscuit Cookies are flavored with anise, rose water and turmeric. There’s a great divide here, as I’m sure there must be where you are, over the flavor of black licorice. This is anise, a flavor that brings intense joy to the face and…

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Technique: How to form dough balls

When pulling beautiful pieces of risen dough to form smaller balls, there is a technique involved to remove the folds that naturally occur in the dough from being pulled and shaped. Those folds don’t bake properly and have to be worked out of the dough. This is especially so with heavier doughs like the one…

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Lebanese Glazed Sweet Bread, Ka’ik

There are many versions of Lebanese ka’ik (or ka’ak), some biscuit-like and others bread-like. I grew up with the latter, a Lebanese glazed sweet bread which is fragrant with spices and subtly sweet. Eat the breads any time of the day: toasted for breakfast, as acompanion to a cup of tea in the afternoon, or…

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Ingredient: Mahleb

Sour cherries are so delicious that I suppose it’s not so shocking that someone, somewhere deep in the past kept eating right past the bright red flesh and crunched away at the pit. There that adventurous eater discovered an almond-like flavor, a flavor reminiscent of the cherry but not precisely cherry, with a certain bitterness…

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