Kishk Soup with Garlic

Kishk Soup with green herbs

There were so many striking things about the day I ate kishk for the first time. As I mentioned, kishk is not something I’d ever heard of, let alone eaten, until recently. I tasted a steaming bowlful after a winter morning’s baking lesson in Lebanese flatbread last year; my teacher, Naemi, walked us up the…

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An Easter Brunch Menu

Even though I’ve had Lebanon on the brain lately, there is one place and one place only that Easter memories take me. That is to Fostoria, Ohio, where I ate my first pillow soft, yellow sugar-coated Peep. Alice made each of her grandchildren an adorable little Easter basket using the green fruit pint boxes she…

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Pink Deviled Eggs (laban & mint), for Mrs. Smith

Whenever there are cars in the driveway across the way here on Main Street, more than one car, I start to get worried. Mrs. Smith hasn’t been feeling well, not so surprising at her age, and she keeps quiet over there. She stays home most of the time, venturing out to go to the doctor…

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Homemade yogurt, Lebanese laban: the recipe

How to Make Yogurt,

Here’s a simple post for a simple recipe for homemade yogurt. You can do this! You want to do this! There’s something deeply satisfying about homemade yogurt—the making of it, and above all, the eating. Your yogurt can be as thin or as thick as you like; thickening is achieved by straining the yogurt. I…

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Homemade yogurt: a few tips about ingredients

How to make Yogurt,

Once you get the hang of making your own yogurt (a.k.a.: laban), you will do it without thinking. You’ll do it as a matter of course, the same way you start the week off with all kinds of habits. While I’ve struggled to form many a habit, laban-making is not one of them. I love…

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Homemade yogurt week: My favorite All-Clad pot

One of my first posts here was about the classic Lebanese salad of yogurt and cucumbers, or laban khiyar. Tucked away with that recipe was the method for making your own yogurt—far too tucked away for all of us who want to try our hand at the extra goodness, and very Lebanese practice, of homemade…

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Za’atar Roasted Tomato Crostini with Labne, and a Bluff view

Za'atar roasted tomatos with labneh on crostini, displayed on a cutting board, Maureen Abood

When my parents bought the house on Main Street in Harbor Springs back in the mid-‘70s, we discovered a wonderful irony: our next door neighbor was, like us, Lebanese. Latifi Huffman made us a big Lebanese dinner to celebrate our newfound, and unlikely, Lebanese connection in Harbor Springs. It was a feast that no doubt…

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Pita Crisps with Labne & Za’atar

You’d think I’d have appetizers on the brain like all of the other food writers because of the Super Bowl this weekend. While what we’re making certainly qualifies as game-day delicious, I’m thinking of them for other reasons entirely. Instead, I’ve got wedding on the brain. Brother Tom and the lovely Amara will marry this…

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Hummus bi Tahini, with a secret ingredient

A few years ago, I went to a luncheon of the Chicago Culinary Historians at Big Bowl Asian restaurant. The inspiration for the restaurant, along with the very popular Wow Bao restaurants in Chicago, is Bruce Cost, who was the speaker for the luncheon that day. Bruce has been a major force in bringing the…

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