Lebanese Almond Baklawa Fingers Recipe

Almond baklawa fingers in a pan, Maureen Abood

These Lebanese almond baklawa fingers are delicate, crisp, and fun to make. They’re flavored with aromatic orange blossom syrup. One of the great things about all of the baking and exchanging of cookies this time of year is finding out about what is treasured enough to get baked up in other people’s kitchens every Christmas.…

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Ingredient: Edible Dried Lavender

Last summer, when I was intoxicated with the beauty, scent, and flavor of the fresh lavender from Lavender Hill Farms up north here, I thought of this very February day. When seasons are so defined, so distinct, deep, and determined as they are in these parts, the pleasure and wonder of any of them is…

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Lebanese Walnut Ma’moul Cookies

Ma'moul molded cookies with powdered sugar

Ma’moul cookies are a beloved Lebanese tradition: fragrant butter cookies filled with walnuts, formed in a special mold. Ma’moul cookies are made in three classic shapes; the dome here is typically filled with a walnut-orange blossom mixture. Purchase flower waters here and exceptional ma’moul molds here. I used to kick-box. A lot. And I loved…

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Lebanese Ma’moul Molds

It seemed as though in recent years there wasn’t a ma’moul mold to be found anywhere around here. Granted, ma’moul has never been as prominent on our holiday cookie plate as it could have been, but still, the molds are traditional Lebanese and special. Even if we weren’t making the cookies that often, we did…

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Lebanese Knafeh Jibneh with Orange Blossom Syrup

Knafeh on a plate with pistachios

One of the greatest of all Lebanese pastries is knafeh jibneh with orange blossom syrup. Knafeh is shredded phyllo dough (find it in Middle Eastern markets) which is filled here with a wonderful cheese blend for a melty, salty-sweet (mostly sweet . . . ) pastry. The Lebanese eat knafeh traditionally for breakfast in a…

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Orange Blossom Simple Syrup

Orange Blossom Simple Syrup, MaureenAbood.com

Orange blossom simple syrup is an essential part of many Lebanese pastries. For many pastries, it is important to pour cold syrup over the hot pastry when it comes out of the oven, so this syrup is best made in advance. And it lasts forever in an airtight container! What is Simple Syrup? So many…

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An Easter Brunch Menu

Even though I’ve had Lebanon on the brain lately, there is one place and one place only that Easter memories take me. That is to Fostoria, Ohio, where I ate my first pillow soft, yellow sugar-coated Peep. Alice made each of her grandchildren an adorable little Easter basket using the green fruit pint boxes she…

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Lebanese Café Blanc with Honey. Plus snack.

The root cause may be stress, a.k.a. my personality, or my genetic cocktail, or a combination of the two, but the bottom line is: my constitution can be, well, sensitive. Took me a while to figure out that a change in diet can do a body good, and once I got on board with that,…

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