Garlic Butter Glazed Talami Bread

Garlic Butter Glazed Bread,

Eureka! Truly an exceptionally simple method for Lebanese talami bread that yields a light, airy, perfect loaf. I’ve published other recipes for talami, but this one is IT. I really don’t get super gadget-happy in my kitchen. Gotta have sharp knives. Lots of dish towels. A lemon reamer, GOT TO. Anyone who’s ever made Lebanese…

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Danny Talami

Dan and I just celebrated our 6-month wedding anniversary, and I’ve made what can only be described as a most stunning discovery: seems I’ve married under false pretenses. Now before you go thinking something like this is going to happen, let me explain. Most everyone who spends even a short amount of time in my…

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Lebanese Soup & Bread Recipes for cold and blustery days

No matter how you define cold where you live (no judgments here…), there’s no debate about keeping the home fires burning when the chill arrives, or at least the stove, with something warming. Something comforting. Something that eases the freeze and makes it more than okay to hibernate. Michigan winters (that’s what we used to…

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Thanksgiving Menu Ideas

Thanksgiving table

  Rev up your Dansko clogs, my friends. It’s Thanksgiving game on. I suspect you’ve got the star of the show, your turkey ideas, well in hand (will you brine? Fry? Or just let someone else worry about it?). We are brining and roasting two turkeys, mid-sized (Mom says no smaller than 15 pounds each;…

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Lebanese talami bread; ask and you shall receive.

Last Thanksgiving was my first one away from my family. That may sound wacky to some given that I’m not exactly a kid, but for the Lebanese among us it probably sounds about right. Our families tend to stay close, tight knit, which has its rewards (and, of course, its challenges). My plan to stay…

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Ingredient: Flour

Get ready, because we are baking bread this week. Chewy, airy, crisp-on-the-bottom talami. Bread baking enjoys a longstanding, deep tradition in my family. The women always baked by the tons, every week, to have bread on the table for their families each day. Now the rest of us weakling next-generation bakers are just trying to…

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