Grilled Corn Salad with Mint and Feta Recipe

Grilled yellow corn salad with herbs and feta in a blue rimmed bowl

The truth is that even though Dan and I are newlyweds, it is summer up north in Michigan. This is where I do most of my work. His work, however, is downstate. So when all of the festivities of wedding and family took their leave this past week, so did he. By the end of…

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Michigan’s Smoked Whitefish Dip Recipe

Everyone has their own. It’s like Lebanese seven-spice mix: which seven depends on who is doing the mixing, but the mix is happening, everywhere you go there. And for the record, it’s not always seven. I grew up on three (salt+pepper+cinnamon). Here in Michigan, where whitefish dinners reign supreme (and lunches too–I ate the finest…

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Michigan’s Whitefish Dinner: the fish

Michigan's Whitefish dinner

Fresh from the pristine waters of Lake Superior is Michigan’s whitefish dinner. Restaurants often serve whitefish planked with duchess potatoes piped beautiful around the fish. At home we bake whitefish with a fabulous topping. The key to excellent whitefish is not overcooking it—this seems to be our theme this week, from the new potatoes to…

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Whitefish dinner: Green beans, corn and good bread

We all know that one of the great pleasures of the bounty of summer is that it tastes so good you don’t need, or want, to do much beyond getting it to the table. But as with writing, and perhaps as with anything, restraint in cooking has its challenges. Restraint requires attention to detail so…

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Whitefish dinner: New potatoes with dill

Your whitefish dinner simply has to include potatoes…but I do mean simply. Boiled new potatoes often find themselves on a plate next to whitefish, but sometimes they taste downright blah. No more blah potatoes! Cooked properly–in salted water and never overcooked–your new potatoes will taste great through and through. Toss with some chopped herbs like…

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Michigan’s whitefish dinner

Up north, there is no more quintessential meal than the one that makes Lake Superior whitefish its centerpiece. Restaurants may be few here, and their food not always what we’d like, but you can always, everywhere find whitefish on the menu and it’s always, everywhere going to be delicious. The most classic preparation of Lake…

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