Technique: How to handle a tart crust without a rolling pin

I always considered myself a pie and tart crust expert. I’ve been pumping out pies for years and have two favorite tarts, in addition to the lemon meringue we’re making this week, in my repertoire (a plum and a chocolate pecan—both of which will be yours one day). When we studied pâte brisée and pâte…

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Best Pie Crust Tips

Apple pie on a rack with sugar and spoon

My best pie crust tips will get you to fabulous for your pie crusts, every time. My favorite pie crust recipes, which happen to be vegan, result in flakey, golden crusts ready for every filling you can imagine. Oil-based Crust My two favorite crusts are both oil-based but both different. Every year I laud the…

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Rhubarb Pistachio Tart

Rhubarb tart with pistachios on a sheet pan

A simple—gorgeous and delicious—Rhubarb Pistachio Tart using frozen puff pastry, a few stalks of rhubarb, and bright green ground pistachio. The recipe goes easily vegan by leaving out the labneh and egg (and being sure to purchase oil-based puff pastry). Lily of the Valley. Pink Peony. Rhubarb. These first flavors of late spring are the…

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Apricot Jam Tart + Canned Jam

This apricot tart is the glory of all that is apricot–deeply fruity, tart, and yes, sunny, especially when its made with homemade preserves. I love the crust too, with the zing of lemon zest and a great short texture. The first winter I spent living in Harbor Springs by myself, I spent many hours, many…

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Pie, Tart, and Galette recipes for Thanksgiving

Stack of favorite pie plates, Maureen Abood

  I’ve always enjoyed the menu daydream, wherein I allow myself to gaze away from the computer for a moment and construct a luscious meal, soup to nuts. In my Chicago office, that took place out the 8th floor window looking north across Monroe Street. Now, thanks God, the view is out the kitchen window…

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Plum Custard Tart Recipe

My Italian plum reverie stems from three places. One, a poem. I first read it in college, and then in graduate school, and then heard it recited with some devotion—nearly like a prayer—by my sister over the years every early fall, when the plums are here. The poet, William Carlos Williams, was also a doctor…

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Favorite Things: A Rectangular Tart Pan

You know I am a fan of removable-bottom tart pans of every shape and size. When I bought the rectangular pan years ago, I envisioned a whole array of adorable, beautiful oblong tarts served up to my friends and family. I thought of roasted tomato tarts, berry tarts, even cold veggie tarts cut in narrow…

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Sour Cherry Galette with Cream Cheese Crust

This cherry galette is a free-form pie that is easy to roll out with my cream cheese crust, and easy to assemble into a rustic round. Use tart or sour cherries for classic cherry pie flavor. The possibilities for sour cherries are endless. They’re a natural for Lebanese recipes, fitting right in with our penchant…

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My Mom’s Best Pie Crust

My Mom’s no-butter pie crust is heavenly…ultra flakey with a hint of salt. And the kicker: no butter! Perfectly vegan. Use the 10-inch double crust recipe for single-crust pies (more dough to work with for crimping the edges; tuck the extra under the perimeter). Everyone who knows my mother knows that the hallmark of her character…

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