Lebanese Spicy Fish with Tahini and Pine Nuts

Golden fish filets on a blue plate sprinkled with pine nuts and parsley

Lebanese Spicy Fish with Tahini and Pine Nuts (samke harra) is such wonderful and refreshing preparation for fish! Delicate white-fleshed fish with a dash of heat, tahini and golden pine nuts. Somehow, of all of the many recipes we cook here, fish too often gets lost in the shuffle. Among the few ways that I…

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Lebanese Rice Pudding

Rice pudding with pistachios on top in a bowl

This Lebanese Rice Pudding recipe (riz bi haleeb) is creamy, rich, and aromatic with flower waters. Comfort food at its finest! Get excellent Lebanese flower waters here. Rice pudding has its tradition in many cultures. Old fashioned rice pudding is a southern favorite, and a dessert beloved among our Greek cousins and throughout the Middle…

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Lebanese Salad (Salata)

Lebanese Salad in a salad bowl

My traditional Lebanese Salad (salata) is a crisp salad of romaine, cucumbers, onion, and tomato with a garlicky, lemony vinaigrette. Mouthwatering! We eat this one almost every day. When my mother used to say “we had a salad on the table every night growing up,” Lebanese salad is what she was referring to. No matter…

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Tabbouleh makes me shake shake my bootie

Tabbouleh salad with fresh herbs and bulgur

Tabbouleh is a Lebanese chopped herb salad of parsley, mint, tomatoes, onion, and just a touch of bulgur wheat (which can be substituted with cooked quinoa). A perfect salad with grilled meats, and also delicious on its own with a dollop of hummus. Find the full recipe here! The backyard garden where I grew up…

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Lebanese Shish Barak

Meat-filled dumplings in yogurt soup for shish barak with pine nuts

This Lebanese Shish Barak recipe is a favorite! Get my step-by-step instructions to make little tortellini-style dumplings in a deeply savory, saucy yogurt soup. Shish Barak is one of the many wonderful Lebanese dishes that uses a yogurt, or laban, soup as its base: koosa in yogurt and kibbeh in yogurt are traditional favorites. They’re…

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Authentic Lebanese Mujadara

Lebanese mujadara in a pita wrap

Learn how to make authentic Lebanese Mujadara (lentil and rice pilaf with caramelized onions) with my step-by-step instructions for success! Mujadara is, in a word, our Lebanese favorite. The flavor of this classic pilaf is mouthwatering, and so satisfying too. Every ingredient in mujadara has a high nutritional value: lentils are a great source of…

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Authentic Lebanese Falafel

Lebanese falafel with tahini sauce on a plate

Learn how to make authentic Lebanese falafel that is crisp, herby, and oh-so-dippable in a luscious tahini sauce. Homemade falafel is a thing of beauty, and it’s so delicious it changes your mind if the only falafel you’ve eaten is in a restaurant or from a boxed mix. What is Falafel? Falafel fritters are made…

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Lebanese Recipes for Lent

Fresh Herb Falafel Wrap, Maureen Abood

These Lebanese recipes for Lent hit all of the marks for fasting from meat: hearty, simple, and so flavorful. Plus, they are humble in their own special ways, just what we look for while fasting during Lent. Get the right ingredients, including lentils, bulgur, spices, olive oil and more in my online shop here! Practice…

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Soft Glazed Cinnamon Rolls

Glazed cinnamon rolls in a pan

Here is the soft glazed cinnamon rolls recipe of our dreams! Get all of the tips and step-by-step instructions for soft, pillowy rolls. No mixer needed, easily expands for more! Sometimes, or maybe even lots of times, I realize that I’m making recipes I LOOOOVE and keeping them all to myself. Well, it’s not that…

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Strawberry Gin Jam Cocktail

Strawberry cocktail with jam and gin in a coupe with a strawberry pick

Try this wonderful Strawberry Gin Jam Cocktail to get all of the fruitiness we love and sweetness from the jam instead of a simple syrup. So easy. Cheers! I’ve always wanted to acquire enough of a taste for scotch that I could belly up to any bar and with great stoicism speak the words: “Scotch,…

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