Sparkling Pomegranate Cocktail

Simple is the name of the game with this Sparkling Pomegranate Cocktail! We love this spritzer all year round, from Thanksgiving to Christmas to a refreshing summer splash. As much as I love all things to do with white, including a very pale white-blue-gray carpet around our bar, I still want and need bright red…

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Lebanese Baklava Recipes

Lebanese Baklawa diamonds, Maureen Abood

Here are all of the expert tips you need to make excellent Lebanese Baklava Recipes at home! Try the simplified pour-over method I pioneered, so you need not butter every layer!

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Lebanese Hummus Recipes

Fresh mint hummus with mint, clintro, and pine nuts

Ohhh how we love our Lebanese Hummus Recipes! Each one has that smooth, luscious texture and flavor (that comes from chickpeas that have the peel or skin removed). Toppings and mix-ins abound with hummus as your base. Find skinless chickpeas, great tahini, and other ingredients for the best hummus in my shop!

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The Ultimate Lebanese Salad Dressing

This is Pomegranate Vinaigrette, the ultimate Lebanese Salad Dressing! And the only dressing you need to gild nearly every salad with bright, delicious flavor. I love it so much I’ve got all of the best ingredients for you over in my online shop here. Shop spices, pomegranate molasses, and olive oil. I say it often,…

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Pomegranate Glazed Sweet Potatoes

Pomegranate Glazed Sweet Potatoes make the A-list for their fabulous pomegranate molasses glaze, the ease of slicing and roasting, and the finishing touch of pomegranate seeds. A beautiful and absolutely divine tasting dish. I have never been shy about declaring my favorite dish on the Thanksgiving table: the candied sweet potatoes. No surprise this is…

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10 Best Thanksgiving Pie Recipes

Apple pie on a rack with sugar and spoon

The season for pie is upon us, and there are so many great options beyond pumpkin! Here are my 10 Best Thanksgiving Pie Recipes, including all you need to know to make a successful pie crust. Find videos for these on my Instagram and Facebook channels!

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