Labneh Green Goddess

Labneh Green Goddess with crudite platter

Labneh Green Goddess switches up the traditional mayo/buttermilk dip with labneh, which offers wonderful flavor and tang. And health! You can use any plain labneh or Greek yogurt with any level of fat content. Use tons of herbs and make plenty so you can use your Labneh Green Goddess as a dip, a dressing, or…

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Vegetarian Stuffed Koosa

Vegetarian stuffed koosa is based on the classic Lebanese dish of hollowed-out, stuffed summer squash poached in tomato (or yogurt). Koosa squash is a lighter green version of zucchini; dark green or yellow zucchini work beautifully for this dish if you don’t have Lebanese koosa. In any case, always select smaller squash, about 6 or…

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Raspberry Rose Jelly

Raspberry rose jelly is a beautiful way to enjoy ultra-pure raspberry flavor with no seeds. The rose water makes the raspberry taste even more raspberry! Everyone has a texture thing of one sort or another, don’t you think? My texture thing is not extensive, really it’s not. Oysters? No problem. Pate? Yes please. Labneh and…

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Pasta with Labneh and Peas

Pasta with labneh and peas is a simple dish that comes together in the time it takes the pasta to cook, one of my favorite meals to make when I’m alone or whenever I need a fast but very delicious dinner. Just be sure to cook the labneh sauce at low temperatures to avoid curdling,…

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Fresh Mint Hummus

Fresh Mint Hummus is so fresh and flavorful, we may not ever eat hummus any other way…. Use the same simple hummus ingredients of skinless chickpeas, garlic, lemon juice, and tahini with a big handful of fresh mint and basil for a hummus that tastes as beautiful as it looks. Finish fresh mint hummus with…

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Shakshuka with Avocado, Labneh, and Za’atar

Shakshuka with labneh, za'atar and avocado

Shakshuka, the Middle Eastern dish of eggs poached in tomatoes, is traditionally spicy with harissa (hot red pepper paste). Many recipes add vegetables to the initial onion saute, like red bell pepper or eggplant. My shakshuka is finished with avocado, labneh and za’atar. We eat shakshuka for dinner but it’s a great breakfast too! We…

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Hummus topped with Spicy Sauteed Red Pepper

Hummus topped with spicy sauteed red peppers

Hummus with spicy sauteed red pepper makes a feast of a lunch. Keep homemade smooth hummus at the ready in the refrigerator, then the red pepper is a snap to prepare. The aroma of the saute is as divine as the hummus topped with red pepper is to eat. This recipe is vegan!, and gluten-free…

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Cranberry Sauce with Rose Water & Pistachios

Cranberry sauce with rose water,

Cranberry sauce is such a natural with rose water, which brings out the cran-flavor and balances the sweet-tart beautifully. Be sure to use the rose water with restraint! We had a trial-run of Thanksgiving dinner recently, making good on what we say every year on Thanksgiving—which is: why don’t we eat this delicious meal more…

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Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Toasted Hazelnuts

Roasted brussels sprouts with red onion, toasted hazelnuts, and mulberry syrup,

Roasted Brussels sprouts with mulberry syrup and toasted nuts are a knockout on your holiday menu. Use any toasted nut you like. I love roasted, salted hazelnuts, a great balance with the tangy fruitiness of the mulberry syrup (or pomegranate molasses). I find it shocking when I hear, usually from one of the nieces or…

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Mom’s Special Lebanese Rice

Lebanese rice with pine nuts and mushrooms in a blue bowl

Lebanese rice is such an essential part of our table that I’m sheepish that I haven’t shared it here before…. My mom’s version is so special and delicious that it’s as at home on your weeknight menu as it is the holiday table. The attributes my mom has passed on to me are legion. Among…

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