Cream Puffs with Strawberries, for Mom

Cream puff with strawberries on a pink and white vintage plate

As you can imagine, exam time in culinary school can be stressful. We had three of them, and the first was in some ways the most challenging. That’s because we just didn’t know what to expect, having never taken a culinary practical exam and having watched far too many episodes of Iron Chef. The initial…

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Ingredient: Vanilla Beans

I’m a sucker for fragrant flavorings like rose water and orange blossom water. Vanilla is no less of a swoon for me, and I find its creamy, heady scent to be anything but bland. Why must we insist on calling the boring, the plain, vanilla? No more! Without vanilla, pastry would be lost, especially the…

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Favorite Things: Wooden Spoons

Can I just first admit how strange it is to go from cedar trees, Mt. Lebanon, and the Mediterranean Sea to wooden spoons? But here we are, a little sleepy and off-kilter, but back in the kitchen. It’s good to be home. I’m sort of a collector of wooden spoons. Their hues, their shapes, their…

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