A (simple) New Year’s Menu, and a resolution

Is it just me, or is anyone else kind of worn out right about now? No really good reason for my frayed edges, since the power outage here in Michigan that has kept a lot of families in the cold didn’t, gratefully, hit home. All is well, everyone is well (when they’re not always, you…

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Roasted red pepper-walnut dip, Muhammara

Muhammara, roasted red bell pepper dip with pita bread

Roasted red pepper-walnut dip, muhammara, has such great texture (thanks pank0!) and flavor (love you, pomagranate molasses!). Muhammara is always a winner–you’ll be handing out the recipe left and right…. I honestly had barely heard of let alone made muhammara when I worked as an intern at Boulette’s Larder in San Francisco. I had just…

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Ingredient: Red Bell Peppers

Back in August, I went to Bill’s Farm Market up here in search of red bell peppers. There weren’t any in Bill’s bins, so I asked after them. Won’t be for a good month, Bill said. You can go out in the fields and take some pictures then. He knows me by now. So I…

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