Calling all pie eaters. And pie lovers. And pie-I-couldn’t-care-less-ers.

The Huffington Post Kitchen Daily is having a contest, and in it you’ll see my lemon meringue tart, made here a few months ago. The three pies with the top votes will be sent to the Huffington Post test kitchens, where they will be tested and tasted for a winner (wouldn’t I love to be a judge in that kitchen…).

Follow this link right away, then vote by rating the pie of your dreams (it’s that lemon cream, isn’t it?!) with five stars off to the right. I wish I could just hold a forkful out to you from your screen, because it really does taste like a mouthful of heaven. This tart sure is making the rounds–last month there was a shout-out about it at The Kitchn, and boy did we see a lot of new faces around these parts (at least from where I sit) because of it.

What do you get in return for indulging me? A piece of pie, next time you come visit here on the front porch (I suspect my siblings are going to hold me to that one). Or at least an icy cold glass of lemonade. But for certain a big Lebanese hug of gratitude, full of x’s and o’s: xoxoxoxo.

Thank you! Tomorrow, radishes will reign once again.

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