I have been lusting after a fondue set for years now. I thought when we moved out of Wagon Wheel Lane that my mother’s harvest gold, mid-70s fondue pot would turn up for me to claim as my own, but we never saw it with the big clear-out. I shouldn’t have been as surprised as I was, since my mother never considered herself a “keeper,” with her relentless purging of stuff on a regular basis.

Fine then, I would just have to get a new one. Wouldn’t you know though that when it has come to tossing change and bills at kitchenware, a fondue never reached priority status.

So when I walked into Cutler’s with Dan and I started dancing around their display of fondue sets like a kid in a candy shop, he told me to pick one out and make it a birthday present. Well okay then!

Fondue sets are different depending on what type of fondue you’re making. The steel basin is for broth fondue, the ceramic for cheese or chocolate. I’ll take all three, please, so the fondue I chose has insets for all. Mine is by Swissmar (the name alone sounds so authentic), with a copper coating. Pretty! See them here, here, and here.

Do you have a fondue? It’s Valentine’s week—there isn’t a better time than right now to have at a cozy dipping party for two (or the whole family). It’s great to go fondue-retro, with brand-spanking-new!

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