You know I am a fan of removable-bottom tart pans of every shape and size. When I bought the rectangular pan years ago, I envisioned a whole array of adorable, beautiful oblong tarts served up to my friends and family. I thought of roasted tomato tarts, berry tarts, even cold veggie tarts cut in narrow wedges as appetizers. If Pinterest had been around, I would have been in rectangular tart-pan Big Ideas heaven.

Yet, like one is wont to do on Pinterest, where one can get so lost in a sea of eye candy and ideas that one never actually…acts…I clearly got lost in tart dreams never brought to fruition. This tart pan, the shape that I love, has been home to just one extraordinary tart recipe, made enough times over and over again to give the pan bottom its homey, homely patina.

This tart, my favorite of all favorite plum tarts, has to be in the rectangle shape. It just does. You can feel free, as I know you do, to use a round tart pan, or a square. You can refuse to make the tart at all, shaking your head as you mutter “special equipment” (but that would be a mistake…it’s so very good).

Me, I’m sticking to making my Italian plum tarts in the rectangle. I like the way the plums fit perfectly, two by two, all the way down the pan. I like how the slices contain the perfect equilibrium of plum halves, filling, and crust. You’ll see, it’s an OCDers dream.

If you have no tart pan and don’t ban recipes that ask (not require, but ask ever so sweetly) for special equipment in the kitchen,  you can add one to your stash for less than $20 here, or here, or here.

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