Measuring is serious business, especially when you’re baking. Most of us don’t use our Salter scales every time we add an ingredient to the mix, so the right measuring cups are important. My mom was the one who first started using the angled measure, and once I got a hold of them, well, she had to buy a new set.

It’s a small but irritating step that the angle removes: the step of pouring your liquid to the mark, setting the liquid measure (because we don’t use the dry measuring cups for liquid…) on the counter and squatting down to see how close you were to actually hitting the mark, then adding some more or pouring some off, then doing that again until the measure is met.

It sort of reminds me of when we used to drive downstate from Up North with my brother driving. He would do everything in his power to not have to stop on the way. Once I said, perhaps in a state of desperation, but you’re only shaving off 15 minutes at the most. His at-the-ready, lawyer’s son argument: add that up over a lifetime of rides, and it’s a lotta time, sister, a lotta time.

The angled measure doesn’t just save a few minutes for not having to stop along the way in the middle of a bake-off; really, for me, it’s a little stress-reducer, and more accurate when I’m not using a scale. All I have to do is look down as I pour to see my cream come up to my amount, and move on.

Add up those minutes, and that bitty nudge of a stress, over a lifetime of cakes, pies, pastries, and candies, and what you get is plenty more stress-free time to make more cakes, pies, pastries, and candies that come out great. Sounds like a pretty clear case to me.

Get yours here. A whole set won’t break the bank (about $20) and having all of the sizes is a treat.

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