Bill’s farm market opened last week (up here we’re just entering a world of bounty now. Takes a while in these parts). I remember last October I asked Bill about some radishes, really wanting to make a particular dish with all of you. Didn’t do so well this year, he said, just don’t have any. I was bummed, but regrouped on some delicious leeks in olive oil. The radishes, then, were the first thing that caught my eye last week, and not just because there wasn’t much else in from the farm yet. These radishes were so beautiful they practically stole the show from the flowers, coming up in quite the same array of colors.

I always thought radishes were far nicer to look at than to eat. It’s that burn, reminiscent of their cousins horseradish and wasabi, that made me feel slighted by them. Which is strange, because I love cousins, especially horseradish and wasabi.

Then along came these beauties, called Easter Egg radishes, that have changed my feeling for radishes completely. The flavor borders on sweet, which is always a plus in my book, but the kind of vegetal sweet that keeps them savory. That sweetness paired with the crisp, snappy texture of these radishes, and I’m dreaming up all kinds of ways to eat them, and not just admire them, which would be just fine too.

I hope you can find Easter Egg radishes at your version of Bill’s. Pick up a bunch, but don’t eat them all up right away as you’ll be tempted to do with your evening cocktail or as a snack at 3:00—they’re going to star in a lovely, refreshing Lebanese-style salad on your table this week of the longest of long summer days, at last.

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