My mom’s no butter pie crust is on deck in the days leading up to any holiday around here. The pie crusts (and the whole pies!) can be frozen, making quick work the morning of.

Top of a double crust pie with four vents cut,

Mom’s no-butter pie crust is ultra flaky, whereas butter crusts, at least to me, are more shortbread cookie in their texture. Our crust is salted, not sugared, so anytime I eat pie without that salted layer of flavor, I’m a little . . . lost.

Read about My Mom’s Best Pie Crust here.

Stack of favorite pie plates, Maureen Abood

All pie plates are not created equally! I love all of our plates, but my go-to, my favorite? Read about it here!

Wooden rolling pin with pie dough

My favorite rolling pin is a roller pin, with handles that stay in place while the rest of the pin does its thing. And yes, I’ve written about it here!

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2 Responses to "No Butter Pie Crust"
  1. Sue Lorencen says:

    I have used this pie crust recipe for years, and it never fails! It’s easy to make and is very simple to patch if necessary. Thanks for sharing this with your followers Maureen.

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